Trucking Insurance

Trucks are included within the definition of motor vehicles and, as such, they are required to maintain no fault insurance, just like an auto. If you are a trucking company, you need to be aware of the available coverages.

One such coverage is called dead heading. This is covers the situation when the trailer is empty. Another coverage is bobtail, where only the tractor is being moved, without a trailer. Much of this occurs with transport both intra- and inter-city and state. Depending on the nature of the business, such as were both the tractor and trailer are leased, there are leasing/renting agreements and related contracts to consider, competing coverage between that on the tractor and that on the trailer, whether the lessor/renter has been identified on the policies covering the tractor and trailer as an additional named insured, how those policies interface with the lessor/renter’s general liability policy covering the business, etc.

There are many more issues to consider, and we can walk you through them. Call or email with your question.