Workers' Compensation

Whether you are an employee or an employer, this area of the law has changed and become a more difficult area to cover. There are law firms that specialize in representing the injured employee and others which specialize in representing the employer, whether through an insurance policy or a self-insured program.

Recent changes in the law have effectively limited nearly all but the most serious injury claims. Traditionally, all an injured worker had to show was that he was disabled from doing his job and that the disability was the result of a work-related injury. Today, the requirements are that in almost every case the injured worker has to obtain a vocational assessment and testing to determine his abilities in the general field of labor, and not specifically limited to the job he was doing when he was injured.

If you have a question about a work related injury, or from the employers perspective of whether your insurance provides sufficient protection from such claims, contact us. We can answer your question and provide the direction you may require.